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How to make the most of the Recovery visa opportunity to hire foreign labour

Bring in NOW the right workers for the Recovery effort after the 2023 floodings


What is the Recovery visa and how to bring FAST foreign qualified labour?

The New Zealand government is introducing a new Recovery Visa to fast-track the entry of workers who are needed to aid the country in recovering from recent weather-related disasters.

Whether your company in the affected area is providing emergency response, clean-up, assessing risk or loss, building or repairing infrastructures,... you can bring in specialized workforce from overseas.


Employers will need to complete a "Recovery Visa Employer Supplementary Form" (It is here) to confirm that the role they are filling supports the country's recovery from recent extreme weather events. That form will be given to the workers you choose so they can complete it and attach it to their visa application (Specific Purpose work visa) and Immigration New Zealand aims to approve it in 8 days. 

Check the Immigration New Zealand website for more details on this visa opportunity here:  

Do you need workers to restore roads and services? 
We got them and they are ready NOW

Trucking NZ has a variety of skilled truck drivers and machine operators (yes, skilled by New Zealand standards!)  selected and screened, ready to come and many of them have experience in emergency response and rebuilding after disasters. Some are former Police or Firefighters, and others work for mines managed by international companies so they have received frequent safety training, and risk assessment skills are used every day, they are a basic part of their jobs. 

Do not send to these places just any truck driver or machine operator, please send people that are not going to be a liability to the job site.

Call us now at  021 0800 7099 and start picking up your A team for the recovery effort in the affected areas. 

The application by the company and the worker you choose is very easy and fast-tracked, you can have your worker with a visa approved in 2 weeks, and once he/they arrive, we take care of the driving licence conversion within 10 days.

Our one-time fee is only NZD 2500 plus GST per operator.

Our best pick for your  recovery team:

Allan (South Africa) is a class 5 truck driver and an experienced emergency management specialist with training and experience as an Ambulance Paramedic, Firefighter, insurance risk surveyor, Risk Safety Officer at a Power station and Disaster Management Coordinator for a city council. An all-rounder for your team. 


Santi (Uruguay) is a class 5 truck driver, HiAb operator, and bulldozer operator. He was serving for 5 years in the Army which included one year serving in the DR of Congo for the UN building roads and reaching isolated communities through impassable roads with a rigid water tanker so that those towns could have drinking water. 

Jonathan (Colombia) is a class 5 truck driver that served as a policeman for 10 years. He got 2 medals of merit and 17 mentions during that time. He was also a truck driver transporting the police horses anywhere around Colombia, a country with hilly and winding roads.


Franklin (Chile) is a class 5 truck driver working for the mines in the Andes mountains. He hauls copper out of the mine, brings in explosives, manages a water tanker with wastewater, or it is in charge of a concrete mix mobile plant (a very delicate truck operation). His safety training is second to none. 

And we have more skilled operators that will make your team a solid and efficient group in the recovery effort. 

Call us now at 021 0800 7099 and let's start the ball rolling!

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