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Are you a kiwi truckie
or want to become one?

If you are a New Zealander or a resident and want to get into the transport and logistics industry or just up-skill these are some of your options

This is an international driver recruiting agency. The shortage of drivers requires immediate action and we do import the best drivers we can. However, locals have access to these vacancies and opportunities first.

Which opportunities are there for you? 

How difficult is driving a big truck? Is a career in logistics possible with my background?

Can I be a truck driver and be home every night? Which truck driver role is the best for me?

Are females welcome? Do we have to be a superwoman to endure this job?

Times have changed, trucks too, they are easier and safer. If you have questions about entering the transport industry send us an email at and we can have a chat about the diverse profile of people the transport industry is looking for and what is offering. 

New to the industry? up-skilling?

Are you interested in becoming a truck driver, dispatcher, manager, mechanic, auto electrician, etc?

Many companies all around New Zealand are taking on trainees.

Join the Te Ara ki tua (Road to Success) website and find a company that will mentor you.














Already in the industry but looking for a change?

There are several agencies around the country that specialized in providing truck drivers with casual or permanent roles:


Driver and other logistic roles

Relief drivers NZ

Truck driver roles


Truck driver roles



Road Ninja App

Truck driver roles, download the app and set up your profile



Call us or send us a message
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