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How is the process and the job

Your new driver comes “NZ ready” and “road-ready"

Once the driver has been interviewed, background checked and the proper paperwork collected he joins our pool of candidates.
In order to minimize the risks and shorten adaptation time,  TRUCKING NZ provides many hours of coaching so your future driver will come with a deep understanding of the work culture in New Zealand, the trucking industry, and what the job is.

Phase 1 of training:
When they are selected to join our pool of candidates

During this time they will be :

- Taking the class 5 theory tests online so they will be ready to pass the test as soon as
   they arrive in New Zealand

- Receiving several factsheets: the vocabulary of the transport industry, logbook and work hours, fatigue management,

   health and safety specific to driving/yards/warehouses, types of truck units and maneuvering dolly and Btrain, New Zealand road

   map and climate, Health System in New Zealand and ACC, Tips for adapting fast to left-hand driving, etc
  These are part of our 115-page eBook about truck driving in New Zealand that we will later provide to the driver once he has been


Phase 2 of training:

When they arrive in New Zealand

We pick up the driver from the airport and take him to the arranged free temporary accommodation for 2 weeks.
During this time he will be :

- Taking the class 5 theory and practical test to convert his overseas licence

- Finding permanent accommodation

- Taking the Logbook course and  fatigue management course for truck drivers     (includes nutrition and sleep)

- The driver will complete the mandatory Employment Learning Modules

- Getting an IRD number, an NHI number and opening a bank account.

- In-class training: we will go over a range of subjects regarding truck driving in New Zealand (the previous factsheets
    plus many more totaling a 115-page eBook)

- We provide him with information about the city and region they will go to: Maps, Citizen's Advice Bureau, shops, relevant
    websites and Facebook groups. Also other everyday life information like buying and registering a car,
   how rentals work etc

- Pastoral care: We deliver the driver to your yard on the agreed date and both the driver and the company
   have an open line with Trucking NZ to address any needs that may arise.  


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