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New Zealand recruits excellent truck drivers


Welcome to Trucking NZ: we recruit professional truck drivers from overseas.

New Zealand firms are searching for truck drivers between the ages of 25 and 55 years old. They require a good level of English and as much experience as possible with articulated trucks on wet, winding, and narrow roads. Experienced drivers that can handle a mountain pass with absolute safety, zero risk, and zero incidents. Are you one of them?

New Zealand companies are selecting truck drivers from overseas with excellence in managing articulated trucks of 44 to the 60-tonne range. With experience in narrow, winding, wet roads with constant gradient changes.

A good conversational level of English is essential for interviews, license tests, and daily routines.

If you have no criminal record, no ilegal immigration records and at least 5 years verifiable experience we are interested in hearing from you.

You will cover the cost of your flight to New Zealand and the visa, while your new employer will pay for your license exchange and the immigration adviser for the visa application. 

Wages start at NZD 29,66 per hour.

Want to know more before applying? Check our FAQs for drivers here

If you fit our profile join our pool of drivers to be sponsored
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