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How is the process and the job

As a driver, how much do I have to pay to this recruiting agency?

Nothing. The trucking companies will pay us for our services.

Your only costs are your medical check for your visa, the work visa cost (740 NZD), your flight, your food once here in New Zealand. Your first 2 weeks of accommodation in New Zealand are free. After that, you will take care of your accommodation needs. We will provide you with the necessary information early enough so that you have time to find a place with no stress. The company will pay for the visa processing and your driving tests to exchange your license.

New Zealand is far away, who pays for the flight ticket?

Once we have matched you with an employer, the company will provide a sponsorship token link for your to apply for your visa. You will pay for your visa, medical check, and your flight. For the first 2 weeks in New Zealand, you will have free accommodation provided at an agreed location to prepare for your driving exams.

What are the requirements to be considered for employment by New Zealand companies? 


- Clean criminal record (You will need to provide a clean criminal record of every country you have lived for more than 12 months in the last 15 years)

- No previous visa problems (i.e. overstaying) in any country

- Proven experience in heavy articulated trucks for at least 3 years (evidence will be required)

- Intermediate or higher level of conversational English

- Aged 25 to 52 years

- Excellent health (you will need to pass a Medical Check before the visa is offered)

- Strong work ethic

- Health and Safety conscious

- Able to pass an alcohol test at any time (Failing the test will terminate the contract)

- Able to pass a drug test at any time (Failing the test will terminate the contract)

- Able to follow instructions

Is my nationality important? Are there passports with easier access to New Zealand visas?

No, workers holding any passport can be sponsored. It is only about fulfilling the requirements and having a licence that can be exchanged for a New Zealand truck licence.


I have a partner and kids... can they come with me?

Absolutely! Your visa will allow them to be sponsored by you. Your partner will come with a work visa and can work for any company on the New Zealand Accredited list. And your children under 18 years old will receive a student visa to go to your closest public school. 

However, we strongly recommend that your family should not join you immediately. Ideally, you should wait until you have exchanged the licenses, begun your work, saved some money and found a rental. In New Zealand, rental agreements will ask you for a bond (deposit) to start, and often some weeks' rent in advance that you’ll need to be ready to pay.

How good I must be speaking English? do you need an IELTS, TOEFL or similar exam to prove it?

No, you do not need to pass an English exam, but your English must be good enough to understand and be understood. At a minimum, you will need to be able to work safely, be successful in interviews, pass driving exams and understand the courses you may take. 

My English is not good, but if I can get a job in New Zealand I will learn it very fast. Can I get sponsored?

No, your English has to be good enough to be able to work safely, attend interviews, take theory and practical exams and understand some courses you may take. We will test your English in an interview and the company will test it too. If it is not good enough there is no chance to be sponsored. You need to improve it before you can be considered for work in New Zealand.

Can I get a Working Holiday visa to work in New Zealand while I improve my English?

Yes, you can. 

If you are younger than 31 years old and hold a passport from any of these countries: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA or Vietnam


Or you are younger than 36 years old and hold a passport of any of these countries: Argentina, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Slovakia or Uruguay.

There is one day a year when you can apply online for those visas and get them with very few requirements. Then you can come and find a job in New Zealand to improve your English and have access to further work visas to stay.


If a company is interested in me, what kind of contract do I get?

You will get a three-year contract that can be renewed. 

Can I get Residency Status or I am just a Temporary worker renewing my visa every year?

With the current law, you can get Permanent Residency status if you apply after working for  2 years in New Zealand.

How do I get paid?

You get paid weekly or bi-weekly in your bank account in New Zealand. You cannot be paid in your bank account in another country.

​​How much am I going to earn?

You will be paid by the hour. At least 29,66 New Zealand dollars an hour. Working hours are: driving, refuelling, paperwork, loading or unloading, inspections, waiting time in queues, etc.

Resting time is not paid: your breaks during the day are not working hours.

Can they discount me damages to the vehicle?

It is illegal to charge you for repairing the damage you have done to the truck. That is what insurance is for. However, if they think you are not up to the job your visa can be cancelled.

In what circumstances can I lose my visa?

If they cancel the contract you lose the visa immediately.

During the first 90 days, they can dismiss you and cancel your visa without justification, as it is a trial period.

After 3 months on the job, they can only dismiss you in case you have had an accident, you have lost your license, you have been caught in a disciplinary incident (stealing, speeding, assaulting, etc) or you have accumulated 2 official warnings for lesser disciplinary incidents.

You can also lose your visa if the job you are doing is cancelled and the company cannot find another job for you. However, in this case, we will help you find another company to continue with your life in New Zealand.

If I get sponsored by one company, can I work for another company?

Not straight away. If you are sponsored, then you can only work for the company that sponsored your visa. If you are not happy at this company and you wish you change, you can find another company that wants to sponsor you and, because you are in New Zealand already working, it is an easy and fast process to get a VOC (Variation of conditions) in your visa to change companies. This takes about a month. 

Can I buy a truck or have my own company in New Zealand with the visa I get? 

No, you can only work for the company that sponsors you, as a Temporary Worker status. Once you get Residency status you are free to be self-employed. 

What if I do not like the company I work for? 

Communication is the best way to solve problems and misunderstandings. The company hired you because they need you and is in your best interest to finish your contract. New Zealand is a small country and your reputation depends on this first company to offer you another year of visa or to recommend you to another company.

If you leave your contract before it’s completed, another company may hire you. However, it is much better for your reputation if you complete two years fully with a good record.

Am I going to get the worst truck? the worst route? 

Yes and no. You will get the available truck and the route that needs to be done. It is likely to be the truck that no one wants and the route that no one wants. However, it does not mean it is the worst truck or the worst route. Sometimes the companies cannot find drivers for the American trucks because many drivers are not trained to drive Eaton Fullers (They are called Road Rangers in New Zealand). Kiwi drivers do not feel comfortable delivering in big cities but for other drivers like you, that is an easy day of work. There are many afternoon shifts or night shifts that others do not want to do because they prefer to be with their family and do only dayshift work. You could also be used as a cover driver for different trucks depending on the day, including being a forklift driver.

Any other questions? Just ask 

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