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Any everyday truck driver just doesn’t have the chops for driving your trucks New Zealand, we know it requires exceptional ability and we will only bring you drivers that are fit for these roads!

Are you importing drivers from countries that haven't got similar roads and trucks to New Zealand?

How much training (time and money) are you investing in getting them road ready?

If the leap between their current experience and the new job is too great, unsafe situations arise and extra training will be needed.

​And what about road culture considerations?

If you bring drivers from countries with similar roads, climate, vehicles and road culture to New Zealand you ensure a fast adjustment and safe driving from day one.

Save money and save worries, certain European, South African and Latin American drivers can adapt easier and faster than drivers from other regions.

Whether you need a truckie with logging experience, a confident city delivery driver, or a B-train driver Road Ranger expert, we will find them for you!

We currently have a varied pool of experienced drivers interested in working in New Zealand. These drivers have been screened and are ready to be interviewed by your company. Send us an email or call us and we will give you free access to this pool where you can check each candidate's file which includes our notes, their resume, pictures, certificates of courses, recommendation letters and videos of them driving.

In addition to screening and selecting we complete many hours of coaching on New Zealand trucking culture and roads, we provide a 115 pages ebook to study, and they arrive well-versed in Class 5 theory and ready to pass the theory test as they land.


Check here what we exactly do and what coaching we provide.


They will know about their destination and what is expected of them. They will be fresh on New Zealand roads but they are highly qualified to manage their new job. Soon enough they will feel at home, all-natural.


We provide assistance with the work visa application by employing the services of a bilingual licensed adviser, Complete Visas,  to ensure the highest standards. We also take care of getting the full class 5 license conversion for them within 15 days of arrival, our preferred establishment being PassRite Auckland or TR New Plymouth.

If this all sounds too good to be true, it’s more affordable than you think! Pay a flat rate fee and if you are not happy with your driver we have a 100% money-back guarantee in the first 30 days on the job. Call us to have a chat about the profile you are looking for and what we have to offer.

Don't wait until the season is here, get the drivers you need as soon as possible!




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