Any truck driver is not good enough for driving your trucks in New Zealand, we know it and we will only bring you the ones that are fit for these roads!

Why are we importing drivers from countries that haven't got similar roads and trucks than New Zealand?

And what about the road culture?

If the leap is too big, unsafe situations arise and they need extra training.

If you import drivers from countries with similar roads, climate, trucks and road culture than New Zealand you ensure a fast adjustment and safe driving from day one.

Save money and save worries, European drivers and Latin American drivers can adapt easy and fast.

Whether  you need a truckie with logging truck experience, a confident city delivery driver or a Btrain driver expert with Road Ranger we will find it for you.

We have a pool of drivers interested in working in New Zealand. Those drivers have been already screened and they are ready to be interviewed by your company.

Apart from screening and selecting, we do a lot of hours of coaching on New Zealand trucking culture and roads, including a 115 pages eBook, and they come with the Class 5 theory studied and ready to pass the theory test as they land.

They know where are they coming and what is expected of them.

They will be new to New Zealand roads but they are highly qualified to manage their new job. Soon enough they will feel at home, all natural.


For a extra bonus we assist with the work visa application (A bilingual licensed adviser from Queenstown does it for us) and we could take care of getting the full class 5 license for them within the first week of arrival (Drive it Taranaki is our first option). 

It is all more affordable than you think, flat rate fee, if you are not happy with the driver we have 100% money back guarantee in the first 30 days on the job.  Call us to have a chat about the profile you are looking for and what we offer.

Get ready for when the borders open to have the drivers you need as soon as possible.

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Recruiting the best

Latin American and European drivers

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