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Excellence in driving instruction

The right driving instruction will set you with good habits for life, the habits that will make you and others always safe on the road.

Do not just pay to get a licence, pay to get the best training together with your licence.


Driver training and licencing

Beginners to advance drivers

Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  ( Restricted to Full)

Defensive driving techniques

Logbook courses

and more

Who is your instructor?

I am Silvia, a 46-year-old professional truck driver. I have 4 years of experience driving trucks all over Europe and 8 years all over New Zealand. I also have done a road trip with a car around North America for 5 months. I can drive anything anywhere safely and with confidence. Let me teach you my good habits and you can be a safe and confident driver on roads or streets, summer or winter.

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