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We recruit drivers with the right experience for New Zealand, an H&S mindset and a honest working attitude. We do not settle for second best and nor should you.

Why recruit from Asia when you can get experienced Latin American truck drivers? They handle similar trucks and roads in Latin America and they face no visa hassles to come to New Zealand.

What about European drivers? They have good working conditions in Europe but many are interested in giving their family a better quality of life.

Our service provides screening, background checks, interviews and individual coaching for the candidates to get them ready for passing their Class 5 theory test.

You choose the driver, conduct an interview and provide the paperwork for the visa application. That’s when we take over the visa processing with our Licensed Immigration Adviser.


Your driver will arrive with an approved work visa and our service will ensure he passes his Class 5 theory and practical test within 10 days of arrival.
Let us take care of this all efficiently - our time frame from selecting a candidate to first day at work is under 60 days. 

Fast, affordable and easy. Contact us today!



The people behind Trucking NZ Driver Recruiting

About us

Silvia Parra

Truck driver in Europe and New Zealand

I have four years’ experience long haul truck driving in Europe, especially in refrigerated urgent transport, DGs and curtain-siders.

Since 2014 I have driven in New Zealand, both in the South and in the North Island, driving mostly tankers.

Everyone is affected by the shortage of drivers and who knows when a lasting solution will be found. In the meantime, a short term and safe solution for you could be importing experienced drivers. As a truck driver myself sharing the road with others every day, I only want the best professionals out there.

I understand from personal experience the challenges that drivers face when they arrive to New Zealand. There are so many details to ensure a smooth transition for the driver, and I take care of them all: Explain New Zealand road culture, what the working standards are and fully prepare them to be work ready and road ready.

We can also take care of the visa process and truck license conversion and offer a full service package, with your driver/drivers ready to start working knocking at your door.


Jenny Chen

Jenny finished her Certificate in Business at WITT in 2016 and has been working in the tourism industry as an admin in Queenstown.

​The pandemic hit the tourism industry hard, so she is back home in Taranaki. Jenny offers her experience in accounting, as well as her excellent organizational and problem solving skills.


021 0800 7099

If you're looking for experienced European or Latin American drivers for your trucks, send us a message and we will call you back for a chat about the exact profile of driver you need and the candidates we have got that match your needs.

If you're a truck driver looking to get sponsored and work in New Zealand, please fill out this form:

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